Khatch Mikaelian and Josephine Mikaelian

Live Your Merit

Merit: The quality of being particularly good or worthy, especially so as to deserve praise or reward.

This statement sums up who we are, what we do and why we do it.
We develop brands that express the core merit of each entity so that it is displayed with pride and received with praise. Each brand is equipped with a visual language, graphic elements, assets and guidelines to become a revered and recognizable beacon for its entity, its employees and its customers.

The Kalian medallion reminds us to always stay true to our skills, our talent, our team, our clients and ourselves. To not only provide great work, but to also be great to work with.

“All of life’s choices are a matter of trust and taste”

Khatch Mikaelian – Founder & CEO

2009 Khatch Mikaelian launched Kalian Branding, a boutique design consultancy focused on creating immaculate brand identities. He believed that developing a strong brand is the single most economically important business activity that any entity could embark upon. This belief stems from the simple concept that all life’s decisions are made based on trust and taste.  Kalian Branding has since been committed to delivering commercially effective design solutions to develop confident and beautiful brands, whether they are global giants looking for reinvention or local start-ups looking to challenge the category.


Our team’s international background and rich experience deliver innovative results that are culturally relevant and creatively stimulating. We strive for nothing short of breakthrough ideas that define brand meaning, drive consumer emotion and build brand equity. Through insight, powerful designs and experienced leadership we tell our clients’ stories and create beautiful, confident brands.

After several years of client side and consultancy side experience, strategic thinking and insightful creative talent is at the very core of our team’s strength who have been together for many years. Everything is considered, as it is managed by the authors of the core thinking and brand development.

Our brands excite people’s ambitions and spark their desires, while clearly expressing the expectations and associations with the product or service. 

“We’re in the business of developing brands that grab attention, secure interest and generate loyalty”

Josephine Mikaelian – Managing Director

A Kalian brand has the capacity to create a larger value belief towards the entity, give a new level of confidence to those who connect to it and ultimately claim the ownership it rightly deserves in the market.