Brands are the intangible aspect of a tangible thing

The foundation of our creative briefs always stems from the existing insights, strengths, and differentiators of your entity. The core essence of the brand needs to be true to its purpose, its function, its why. Once identified it becomes the source of all our recommended visual language and treatments. The intention is driven by the professional will to create a successful brand that is distinct and always authentic. 

Our Four Step Branding Process

Successful branding strategy will be mostly based on your vision for your brand and your objectives. Our goal at this stage is to understand your objectives and what values and attributes you feel the brand should be represented by. This is Kalian’s approach to brand definition and positioning. This is the birth of the Big Idea. The clear, unique, and ownable vision that will drive your brand forward.

As a full-service brand consultant, we have all the creative resources to turn the ideal brand strategy into a creative reality. Your primary visual identity, your logo, is based on the positioning and brand essence. Our creative team work closely with our strategists and refer heavily to the positioning in designing a logotype relevant to each brand strategy.

Your core signature will be identified by a logo or a logotype and will be supported by it’s visual expression, the look and feel. The look and feel is the visual language that combines all basic elements, shapes, textures, photography style, graphic systems, colors and proportions. All the visual language components come together to convey the brand proposition distinctively, emotionally and consistently. It is the world in which the brand lives and flourishes from.

Guidelines help ensure the consistent implementation and maintenance of the newly developed brand. Guidelines are not only an internal control tool, but also help advertising/PR agencies and marketing staff to quickly catch up with the new identity. Guidelines phase include some implementation consulting which means a session with your team and your different partner agencies to make sure the guidelines are understood and the brand is safeguarded.