A unique graduate training program by TAQA which has been designed to lay down the foundation for an accelerated career for exceptional Emirati graduates within the utilities industry.

Dynamic & Hands-On

ETLAQ’s rigorous 12-month program integrates fresh Emirati graduates into TAQA Group, using a blend of talent development methodologies (including classroom learning), on-the-job training and project work. The dynamic program provides exposure to industry leaders and experts who will share their knowledge of real-life work experiences.

Igniting Ambition

The ETLAQ Brand had to have a subtle link to the TAQA Brand, but its main function was to appeal to the young Emirati demographic and excite them about a career in the utilities sector.  The letter “E” played a big role in the ETLAQ brand. It stands for many things; Emirati, Exciting, Exceptional, Education and Eager to Excel. So we emphasized the E by designing the icon around the letter and linked its sharp edges to the TAQA brand identity.

The Future looks Bright

The Look and Feel is where the brand burst with energy. Incorporating all the different shapes and sizes from the letter E into supersized graphics and patterns. Combined with strong headlines such as “Be the Energy in Our Future” and vibrant digital collateral, the brand served its purpose.

The Work


Brand Strategy / Brand Identity Development / Brand Guidelines

Beyond Branding:

Social Media Campaign/ 2D animation / Media Planning Management / Landing Page / Emailers / Printed Collaterals / Merchandise /  Graduation Pack