Currently a subsidiary of ADQ, Emirates Water and Electricity Company (EWEC) was originally formed in November 2018, succeeding the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Company (ADWEC) and is the sole procurer of power and water within Abu Dhabi and beyond.

Powerful Foresight

When developing the brand, we had to consider the nationwide nature of the overall business and position EWEC as a government owned entity that is a leader in the Energy Sector in the UAE. The brand had to also exude a story of transformation and sustainability in both electricity and water generation. 

A Current Affair

Kalian focused on the concept of “Current” as this is the main commonality between water and electricity supply. “Current” also entails time ie Being Current with the times. This is where the main tagline “Staying Ahead of the Current” was born.

Natural Efficiency

We built the icon on the hexagon shape, known to be the most efficient shape in nature and the least wasteful. The design of the brand depicts efficiency, reliability, flow, trade and both water (inspiration for blue hues) and electricity (inspiration for copper hues) all in one.

A Future with Purpose

The multiple graphic systems and patterns we designed embody the dynamic nature of the corporate culture at EWEC while communicating the transformative nature of the industry towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

The Work


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Beyond Branding:

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