When ADPower and TAQA joined forces in 2020, a preeminent integrated utilities leader was created, building a sustainable energy champion that is fit for the future. Today TAQA is one of the top 5 most valuable listed company in the UAE, according to Forbes Middle East. 

Powering a Thriving Future

To encapsulate this revitalized vision, TAQA fostered and shaped an identity around the new company’s scale, financial strength, value chain and focus on their role as a dynamic engine of growth and opportunity. The company harnessed a bold and innovative design to communicate a new era in the company’s storied history – and a new way forward as a leading representative of Abu Dhabi’s vision of progress.

Duality Done Right

The TAQA brand embodies the company’s duality as sustainable and agile, conveying their strength as a robust and efficient integrated utilities leader. This duality is expressed with a dynamic wordmark built around the balance of the four confident letters of the company’s name.

The Wordmark

The T and Q in the design evoke the mutable aspect of the brand. These letters change, morph and evolve with each expression. The outlined T represents TAQA’s reliable grid, while the circular Q conveys the company’s vision to unlock potential by signifying a keyhole. The diagonally shaped and grounded A’s symbolize the company’s strong foundation as it remains unchanged, conveyed through TAQA’s secure infrastructure. The letters are also angled, symbolizing the slant of a solar panel to align with TAQA’s focus on clean energy.

Energetic Vibrancy

The colour palette is modern and fresh, combining a bold dark navy blue and a searing electric blue that illuminates the brand universe to capture TAQA’s powerful energy and our commitment to sustainability.

The Work


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